The CONNECT University is a great opportunity to learn more about how EU policy making on digital affects the real world.

You are never too old or too knowledgeable to learn. This is certainly how we think in DG CONNECT, where we have been running the CONNECT University for several years to help our staff learn more about the digital world of today and tomorrow and how innovation, technology and policy-making interact.

With classes covering everything from AI and robotics to blockchain and smart mobility, since 2015 the CONNECT University has brought together practitioners, industry, academia and policy makers from across the EU to share their knowledge and experience. For those of us working to develop the Digital Single Market that Europe needs, the CONNECT University has proven invaluable in terms of knowledge sharing and awareness raising.

This is why we have decided to open many of the CONNECT University sessions to anyone who is interested in seeing what we do and how digital is becoming such an important part of everyday life for all of us. If you too want to explore the future of digital, and join us in understanding the present and anticipating the future, then all you have to do is join one of the many webstreamed session on Futurium, the European Commission’s platform for European citizens to discuss EU policies.

In recent months we’ve covered issues such as cybersecurity, digital learning and virtual reality, and future sessions will focus on the key role that digital can play in fostering start-ups and in revolutionising government. Many of the past sessions are recorded and available to watch at leisure, so you need never miss out on broadening your horizons. The videos are not prepared for a sales pitch and sometimes may not be of the highest quality in terms of the recordings, but I can guarantee you that the quality of the content is always high. If you want to hear from the experts, explaining the complexities of the digital world, then this is definitely the place to be.

I hope you will enjoy taking part in the CONNECT University!