--- Posted by Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, DG INFSO, & the team organising the Digital Agenda Assembly

You might already know that we have launched a new online engagement platform to collect feedback and ideas for the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012, which is going to take place in Brussels on 21 & 22 June.

Our goal is to collectively identify relevant evidence and inspiring stories in a series of policy actions which are relevant to the Digital Agenda for Europe. The top down part is that we have selected nine key topics this year: (1) converged media; (2) broadband; (3) e-commerce; (4) social media; (5) cloud; (6) data; (7) security; (8) innovation and entrepreneurship; (9) jobs and skills. Then, there is a discussion group (10) "other" where participants can to discuss issues Digital Agenda issues not covered by the 9 key topics mentioned. The bottom-up and horizontal part is that we count on as many people as possible to share ideas and inspiring stories.

"We could not make the Digital Agenda succeed without the active involvement of all those people who are out there and interested in making it happen", said Neelie Kroes on her blog last Thursday.In addition, we all agree that if we want to “talk digital” we need to ensure we are also talking digitally!

This online platform is our attempt to do so.

It is also a response to the feedback received by the participants of the Digital Agenda Assembly 2011 after a survey we launched last year. The most requested feature in the responses to the survey was a debate platform on the Digital Agenda like the one we have launched now.

So take a look at the new platform. Take the opportunity to have your say in the debates in each group. Share evidence and inspiring stories. Help us select the best ideas.

In a week, 240 participants have registered on the platform and we've noticed that the number and quality of the discussions is steadily growing since last week. But we want more inputs!

Key points from the discussions taking place online will be considered for the Digital Assembly meetings on 21 and 22 June as well as for the mid-term review of the Digital Agenda that the Commission will adopt later in the year.

We want also to tell you that up to 5 persons from each discussion group will be selected to attend the event in June. So, write "interesting" ideas and vote for the best posts.

Maybe we'll then meet together in Brussels!

If you are on Twitter, we invite you to connect to @DigitalAgendaEU and to use #DA12 if you tweet about the Digital Agenda Assembly. Our social media presence is detailed here. In addition, you can find below the list of hashtags which correspond to the 9 key themes we have chosen for the Digital Agenda Assembly this year.

Converged Media Platforms ---> #da12converge

High-speed connections ---> #da12bb

e-Commerce  ---> #da12commerce

Social Media  ---> #da12social

Data ---> #da12data

Cloud ---> #da12cloud

Security ---> #da12trustsec

Innovation & entrepreneurs ---> #da12innov

Jobs & skills ---> #da12jobskills

Other issues ---> #da12

26 April 2012
Last update: 
28 October 2014