--- Posted by Pearse O'Donohue, DG INFSO, Head of unit: Radio Spectrum Policy

As the Digital Agenda Assembly (#daa11eu) is fast approaching, I am looking forward to an interesting discussion with stakeholders and key spectrum policy makers on the spectrum aspects of wireless innovation in Europe.

In the upcoming workshop on "Spectrum for wireless innovation in Europe" we will discuss the regulatory challenges that result from innovative technologies and the more intensive use of spectrum. In particular, we want to focus on developments beyond the important area of electronic communications services that most people readily associate with wireless innovation and look at other internal market sectors.As is the case with ICT in general, wireless applications also bring significant benefits to many other sectors of our economies. This is why we are going to discuss three particularly interesting examples from the health, transport and energy sectors where wireless capabilities will make a difference and bring Europe forward – if we take the steps that are necessary to take full advantage of it.

A speaker from each of these sectors will present concrete examples of wireless innovations in the fields of eHealth, Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Grids respectively, and discuss spectrum needs for these applications. Based on these examples, workshop participants will discuss and agree on a set of "Stakeholder recommendations on the next steps needed to take full advantage of wireless innovation in Europe".

In order to facilitate the discussion prior to the workshop, the speakers will provide draft recommendations that will be published here on the Digital Agenda blog. So, join the discussion and provide your input how we can advance wireless innovation beyond electronic communications. Don't forget to cite the #daa11spectrum hashtag!