--- Posted by Fabio Nasarre de Letosa, DG INFSO, International desk officer, Workshop organiser at the Digital Agenda Assembly 

The Information Society has clear global dimensions. Infrastructures are interconnected and often inter-dependent. Services cross borders; data crosses borders; sharing information and aligning our approaches, with the appropriate international partners, to common challenges can bring benefits, not least in terms of the potential markets that can then result.

The success of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) is by its nature dependent on worldwide developments. Its international dimension is therefore more than an additional, separate elements; it is integral to the strategy itself. The success of the DAE requires an international agenda that sets clear priorities and objectives, chooses the most appropriate tool and strategically identifies the right partners.

The European Commission has set the industrialised countries, the BRICS and the closest neighbours as the priority countries. It identifies a number of thematic priorities for each of the DAE pillars. At the Digital Agenda Assembly, the purpose of Workshop 23 is to hear your views on the challenges, priorities and tools that we should take into account in the Digital Agenda for Europe's International Strategy.

You can start sharing your views and ideas on the workshop page or on twitter using the following hashtag: #daa11global