--- Posted by Isidro Laso Ballesteros, DG INFSO Scientific Officer in unit responsible for Networked Media Systems, Workshop organiser at Digital Agenda Assembly

Social networks are dramatically transforming economic and policy landscape, e.g. Arab uprising, zero email companies, crowd sourcing of innovation, emergency and crisis response. Moreover, social networks are strategic platforms to increase competitiveness of all sectors for Europe. Contrary to common thinking, there are many very successful European Social Networks supporting cultural diversity very close to citizens (representing 200 Million registered users).

  • Which are the current and potential benefits of the EU social networks for EU society and economy?
  • What concrete actions (e.g. relating to research, innovation, education, regulation, etc) are needed to scale up EU social networks?
Apart from this blog, these issues are discussed in a dedicated online space and then will be discussed at the Digital Agenda Assembly ( #daa11eu - Brussels 16-17 June) in the workshop Social networks, a driver for economic and political change?

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