We believe that the Internet of Things has the potential to drastically improve our lives, our work places and our industrial efficiencies and capabilities while taking into account security, privacy and trust requirements.

The successful Internet of Things deployment implies that all the relevant players, including the users, need to work together and shape the IoT concept of tomorrow based on our European values. This is also our team's major mission.



As I explain in the video, our IoT policy priorities are based on three pillars: a thriving IoT ecosystem, a human-centred IoT approach and a single market for IoT.

An Internet of Things European single market will allow the European citizens to simply plug and use IoT devices and services anywhere in the European Union. However, we cannot advance in the Internet of Things only by scaling-up and allowing cross border deployment. We also need to have the right ecosystem in place. By developing a vibrant ecosystem formed by cross sectorial IoT players, IoT innovation can thrive launching new products or developing new services and finally new business models as well as markets.

Products or services - even the most innovative ones – are made for someone to consume them. If there are no consumers there is no market. Consequently, consumers' or users' needs and views matter. The "human-centred IoT approach" pillar is closely related to this cornerstone principle. Our team's mission is to listen both to the supply (industry) and demand (users) sides.

Currently we see that Internet of Things security, privacy and trust related issues concern both of these sides. These issues are today at the core of our work; we carefully examine the views of all IoT stakeholders, including the users' views. Feel free to check our latest news and events and you will find ways to be involved in the ongoing discussions.

Are you interested in knowing more about the other pillars and about our upcoming policy initiatives? Have a look at the "Advancing the Internet of Things in Europe" staff working document. And if you want to learn even more about the state of the art for IoT research and innovation feel free to download the ebook: "Digitising the Industry - Internet of Things Connecting the Physical, Digital and Virtual Worlds".

For any question please send us an email at CNECT-E4@ec.europa.eu. And if you are on twitter, follow us and interact with us @NetTechEU.