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Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe… looking for smart ideas!


--- Posted by Silvia Andreescu, DG INFSO, Project Officer in the unit responsible for Nanoelectronics

Are you trying to start – up a business or already running your own company? Are you working in an SME or, on the contrary, in a big corporation? Are you a web-entrepreneur looking forward to help designing a web strategy?  Would you, for example, like to have a Startup Europe Partnership based on the Based on Startup America initiative?

This is your chance to share your thoughts on what Europe should do to help businesses move forward and promote innovation.In preparation for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop of the Digital Agenda Assembly, we launched an on-line platform gathering ideas on what are the conditions for businesses to flourish in Europe, especially in terms of how research and development can be turned into growth and jobs.  The on-line inputs will be used to shape further policy developments, which might, sooner or later, affect your own existence in Europe. It's up to you to tell us your views!

We would also like to explore the feasibility of a Digital Innovation Charter laying down the commitment of industry related to innovation in Europe. It would give a positive political momentum to the extension of ongoing partnerships and the launch of new ones. So bring your comments stating what industry could do for Europe.

Best ideas will be rewarded with a trip to Brussels and an invitation to the Digital Agenda Assembly on 21-22 June.

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European officials have to start listen to their own citizens and serve them and not to simply copy everything that has been done in the US lobby wise. Yes, I know the EMEA representatives lack imagination. Would you, for example, like to have a Startup Europe Partnership based on the Based on Startup America initiative? No. I believe that Washington is totally lost to business lobbying. We already got their financial crisis. Thanks! We need to develop solutions based on our own European traditions of good governance. This me-too tendency is annoying. Instead our officials should do what hurts the old established players the most. When Microsoft, Google and Facebook sent their lobby bullies to Brussels our officials are doing exactly the right thing for their citizens. When they smuse with the foreign companies, that is an indication that the vital interests of EU citizens are corrupted. We have to get real access to the digital sphere. That would obviously mean a downfall of the established digital powers.
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Thanks Manfred for your post. We will certainly copy what is worthy and modify the idea to adapt to Europe's peculiarities. Indeed, we launched our own crowd source exercise and we have got twenty excellent ideas. See them at Some of these ideas might be inspired by Startup America but they certainly have the European flavour.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some concrete ideas.My twitter is: isidrolaso.