Posted by Detlef Eckert,  European Commission, Director at DG Information Society and Media, Digital Agenda ambassador for Poland

According to official Polish statistics, the Polish society is quite polarised when it comes to using the internet – while 93% of Polish citizens between 18 and 24 years old take advantage of the potential of the internet, most of the elderly people do not use it at all.

After the first Going Local event to Poland this year, my feeling is that things are going to change for the better, as far as the e-inclusion and other aspects of the Digital Agenda are concerned.

During a 2-day visit to Warsaw, I had the opportunity to speak to a wide range of stakeholders who perceive the Digital Agenda as one of the key factors for the socio-economic development of Poland:

  1. At the meeting with Minister Michal Boni, chief of strategic advisors to the Polish Prime Minister, I learnt about the plans to reform Polish educational system. The objective is to offer more e-skills to pupils and students and therefore, prepare them better to the demands of the labour market of the XXI century... (read more)
  2. Minister Magdalena Gaj, from the Ministry of Infrastructure, updated me on the latest development on the deployment of broadband infrastructure. Both Polish authorities and the EC agree on the need to speed up this process in order to allow Poland to catch up with the rest of Europe.
  3. During the conference "Forum of Teleinformatics", I had the opportunity to present the Connecting Europe Facility, the main EU instrument for ICT financing in the Multiannual Financial Perspective 2014-2020. This project provokes a lot of interest. Without going into details of our discussions, it should be underlined that there was a common understanding that investments in broadband give a spill-over effect in other areas of economy. This can be a solution to the issue of economic growth both in Poland and in the EU.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming meetings of the Going Local in Poland, in particular, the conference "Innovation for Digital Inclusion" in Gdansk on the 5th of October, with the presence of Commissioner Neelie Kroes.

If you have an interest in these meetings and in discussing the Digital Agenda in Poland, keep an eye on our website for Going Local in Poland. Also follow us on Facebook (DigitalAgenda) and on Twitter (@DigitalAgendaEU) while using the hashtags  #daelocal_PL & #daelocal.

27 September 2011
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10 June 2015