Three young European talents were awarded last Thursday 23 April by Vice-President Andrus Ansip. Their designs received the highest number of votes in the e-Mark U Trust competition. After the ceremony participants gathered for more discussions during the eIDAS stakeholder event.

Winners of eMarkUTrust eIDAS competition

Last Thursday 23 April VP Ansip hosted the award ceremony of the e-Mark U Trust Competition, which was launched last year. The aim was to find the logo for the EU trust mark for qualified trust services in line with the eIDAS Regulation. An open competition which was addressed to young students, a selection which was open to public voting and that has been welcomed enthusiastically from many young talents.

And three young talents saw their efforts rewarded on Thursday when VP Ansip awarded Henrik Metstak – from Estonia, Riikka Uhmavaara – from Finland, and Igor Štumberger – from Slovenia - with respectively €1.500, €3.500 and €5.000.


Igor will see hisLogo eMarkUtrust eIDAS creation, as from July 2016, displayed on the websites of qualified trust service providers throughout the EU.

A day for celebration. But also a day of inspiring presentations, valuable contributions and fruitful discussions. The ceremony was followed by the eIDAS Private Sector Engagement High Level Event - Boosting on-line trust and convenience: the business view".

This event was the fourth organised since the adoption of the eIDAS Regulation last year to understand the industry needs, to outline the opportunities that eIDAS can bring in streamlining business processes, but also to stress the challenges ahead and how to overcome them.Ansip eMarkUTrust eIDAS

The focus was on electronic trust services and we had representatives of the insurance sector, financial sector – in particular consumer credit - and postal services, i.e. three sectors that that have been identified as showing considerable potential for growth and reach to citizens in the effort to leverage trust services as key enablers of the Digital Single Market (DSM).

The morning session, chaired by Paul Timmers, was dense with fascinating presentations. Under the chairmanship of Reinhard Posch, the afternoon session saw two panels discussing the business opportunities (chaired by Claudia Lang) and the business challenges (chaired by Reinhard).

If I have to resume the whole event in one word, I would say convenience. Other key words? Usability, trust, user experience, cross-border interoperability, etc.

The need for a better usability as key to convince the customer was reiterated throughout the day.

Also the question of trust, as Danilo Cattaneo put it, "we still think that paper is safer, we are wrong", if the full process is delivered online, we will have transparency and visibility of the transaction. And Claudia Lang, quite interestingly outlined that online like offline, we need to be ready to take an acceptable business risk.

Other important remarks regarded the need for harmonising EU legislations. In this regards, it was outlined that good synergies need to be created between the Payment Service Directive 2 and eIDAS.

#eIDAS #eIDAS4all Business view: more than security to convince private users. Convenience & mobility, first.

- Andrea Servida, (@ServidaAndrea) April 23, 2015

In this regard, the importance of mobile was stressed. But, mobile as enabler, not application-only, otherwise private sector will not buy it.

@eSignHQ : @ServidaAndrea #eIDAS4all Business view: e-signature is atthe heart of digital transformation in banks #eIDAS #digitalagenda

- Turing2014 (@Turing2014) · April 23, 2015

I also liked Carlo Bewersdorf describing the behaviour and technology as the Ying and Yang of Digital growth.

All in all, it was a dense event with a lot of food for thought. Something is sure, we have a regulation now, but it is not at all the end of the journey. We are working on the secondary legislation to operationalise eIDAS, but this is not enough.

We need to further understand the needs of businesses. This is why we will continue engaging with the private and public sector.

More events to come. Stay tuned.

For more details on the event, the presentations of the day are available on our webpage.

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