For a long time, we have sought better representation of women experts speaking at tech events in Europe.

This week, DG CONNECT, the digital department of the European Commission, decided that trying our hardest to ensure proper female representation is no longer enough.

So here is what we will do:

1. we will always include at least two women speakers at events which we organise

2. we will no longer accept invitations to speak on all-male panels or at all-male conferences organised by outside stakeholders.

3. if DG CONNECT staff speak at events outside the EU or if the organiser is not a European affiliate (for example an embassy or a company headquartered outside the EU), we will try to ensure better representation for women, but we obviously can't guarantee it.

What do these three points mean?

We want to continue to promote diversity and speak about the issues we care about alongside women, to ensure everyone can listen to what women say about digital technology and make sure their voice is heard more widely.

To make this a reality, we need your help.

Some of our stakeholders are already helping us to identify more great women in tech. Have a look, for example, at this list. So if you have a suggestion for a woman speaker, join us to make this work.

And if you are organising a conference about tech matters or planning to speak at one, spread the word about our policy. The more we apply it, the quicker we will make this change happen.