The Better Regulation package provides a new baseline for SRCR actions: the Principles for better self- and co-regulation are endorsed and the Community of Practice is acknowledged as a forum to share experiences and to improve SRCR practice. Now it is up to policy-makers and stakeholders to shape the future of SRCR actions. That’s why I’m looking forward to hearing your views at the upcoming 5th CoP plenary meeting.

The adoption of the Better Regulation package is a milestone for self- and co-regulation which mirrors the maturity of the debates we are having in the Community of Practice. Set up in 2013, this community indeed witnessed a shift from a "for or against" type of discussion to a "when and how" one. Now, not only the Principles are endorsed as benchmarks for well-designed non-regulatory actions, but the continuum between SR and CR is also acknowledged: hard and soft regulations are not alternative and exclusive options, but interact with each other in a dynamic and genuine way. Moreover, SRCR is now confirmed as a policy option at the impact assessment stage and recognized as means of implementation.

On Friday 12 June, the CoP members will convene again in Brussels to pursue the discussions and consider how to face the new challenges and grasp the opportunities flowing from the new regulatory landscape. Marianne Klingbeil, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commission, will kick off the day and present in more details the role of SRCR within the Better Regulation package. Then, Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of Unit Converging Media & Content at DG CONNECT, will tell you more about SRCR in the Digital Single Market strategy, adopted on 6th May.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion panel featuring speakers from the business sector, an NGO and a public authority. In the afternoon, I will offer some food for thoughts on the links between SRCR and innovation governance, before Prof. Dr. Spindler from the Göttingen University and Prof. Dr. Thorun from the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences present their study ”Key Points of a Digital Regulatory Policy - Recommendations to improve the conditions for effective co-regulation in the information society”.

More than 120 participants are expected, including business leaders, academics, policy makers and civil society representatives. If you are interested in joining, it is still time to register! I also invite you to join our online CoP platform, where key documents are already posted. You can start discussions, share your experiences and get a flavour of what will be discussed...

10 June 2015
Last update: 
28 July 2015