Every home, every business should have fast, reliable broadband services. This would help us all be better connected, while boosting productivity and performance for every business.

The Internet does not stop at the border. We want to feel comfortable going online and communicating from another Member State. We need a free and open Internet; and we should  maximise our wireless capacity across the EU. We should benefit from the best content, deals and services, wherever we are in the EU; and businesses should be able to market and share their bright ideas across the EU.

Topics related to this chapter:

  • Broadband Europe - tomorrow's digital services, from streaming TV to cloud computing to e-Health, rely on fast, effective broadband connections.
  • Telecoms - we want a sound framework for telecommunications, promoting investment in broadband networks, supporting wireless technologies, without high roaming charges, boosting competition and consumer rights.
  • Wireless Europe - radio spectrum policy helps to make the most of our airwaves.
  • Roaming - EU rules keep down the cost of using your mobile phone and smart device when roaming.
  • Open internet means Internet users can access the content, applications and services of their choice; it promotes competition among network, services and content providers.
  • Global internet and telecommunications - together with other global players, the Commission works to shape the developments of the internet and the telecommunications world.