The latest Eurobarometer survey (2012) shows that in Czech Republic 97% of respondents agreed that the 116 numbers are very or fairly useful. However, when respondents were asked whether they knew that the organisation Safety Line Association Sdruzeni Linka Bezpeci operated 116 111 helpline in Czech Republic, only 25% of respondents said yes.

116 111 - Missing children

In 2011, 98% of Czechs find child helplines very useful or fairly useful. The number has been assigned on 21/02/2008 to Telefonica O2. And is operated by Safety Line Association Sdruzení Linka Bezpecí since 10/06/2008.

Disabled access to hotlines and helplines

Relatively few respondents agreed that enough was being done to help users with a disability to access hotlines and helplines. 33 % of people agree that enough is being done. However, more people (54%) disagree that enough is being done to help citizens with a disability, while some respondents (13%) say they do not know whether enough is being done in their country to help citizens with a disability to access these types of services.

Adequacy of information about hotlines and helplines of social value

Most people in the Czech Republic do not think that citizens of their country are adequately informed about the existence of hotlines and helplines of social value. Only 24% of respondents agree that people in their country are adequately informed, while 72% disagree that people in their country receive adequate information about these helplines.

Background information

Authority responsible for assignment of the number: Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU)

Phone: +420 224 004 111
Fax: +420 224 004 830
Postal Address: Český telekomunikacní urad
P. O. Box 02,
CZ - 225 02 Praha 025