112 is one of the emergency numbers in Lithuania.

The average time to answer a 112 call is 7 seconds.

According to the latest E-communications household and telecom single market survey, 38% of Lithuanians know they can use 112 everywhere in the EU.

The European emergency number 112 is not the only emergency number in Lithuania:

  • 01 - fire brigade
  • 02 - police
  • 03 - ambulance

In 2016 with the HELP 112 project Lithuania deployed the AML handset based location reducing the search area from a circle (Cell ID) with 0.5-30 km radius in most cases to one with radius of less than 100 meters in 63% of the cases.

Disabled people can contact the emergency services by SMS and through the 112 APP.

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11 February 2013
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9 May 2017
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