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Digital Champions are ambassadors for the Digital Single Market, appointed by their Members States to help every European become digital.

Member States appoint Digital Champions, who help everyone get digital. They are all creative and motivated people who lead innovative projects in ICT education, digital inclusion, access and e-government. Many actively promote the development of digital skills and entrepreneurship by young people, helping tackle youth unemployment by sharing innovative ideas which have worked in their own country.

You can find details of their meetings here.

The Digital Champions




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Tineke Netelenbos's picture
Digital skills, or eSkills, are of great importance in order to function in present and future society. The increasing interest in ICT in our society and economy is forcing us to reconsider how we think and use our abilities. Whether we are civilian, consumer, patient, employee, entrepreneur, official, caretaker: in short, it includes everyone and in all sectors.
Riccardo Luna's picture
Riccardo LUNA
Italy is aiming to have over 8000 Digital Champions: one for each town. Why? To answer that question, we must go back a couple of months.
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