Godfrey Vella is the Digital Champion of Malta. He works to develop a three-dimension strategy: Digital citizen, Digital business and Digital government.


digitalchampion [at] mca [dot] org [dot] mt

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He is a Member of the Board of the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). On 24 March 2014 the Digital Malta Strategy was launched.  The Strategy formulation was managed jointly by the MCA and the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) but involved all stakeholders via a number of consultation sessions and workshops.

Mr Vella explained that the strategy has three dimensions – Digital citizen, Digital business and Digital government. It aims to set out not only how ICT and digital technologies can make a difference in areas such as the economy, employment, industry and small businesses, but also how they can be used for national development, to empower citizens and transform government.

He said the strategy looks forward a number of years but it is recognised that regular updates and reviews will be required. The strategy addresses future infrastructure requirements and also how legislation and regulation should adapt to the changing requirements of our digital future. 

"One of the strongest emphasis is on how education and training can be enhanced to ensure that no one is excluded from the benefits that digital technologies can confer," he said.

The strategy document and other related information can be viewed on the website of the Digital Malta.