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Ákos Bóna is the Digital Champion of Hungary.


akos.bona [at] dgtf [dot] eu

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Ákos Bóna is one of the founders and board member of The Digital Future Foundation. He has more than ten years of management experience both in the IT and telecom sector as well as in non-profit organisations. He is also a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and a former state secretary responsible for info- and telecommunications.

His priorities are fostering digital innovation, incubating local digital projects to EU level, creating and sharing local best practices and to constantly build the channels of digital education and digital literacy.

The world has gone digital, we have the responsibility to provide tools for citizens, businesses to keep up with the pace of change. I look at people who come and go, and they all get very close to their own small world that is so small that it can fit into a cellphone screen - no wonder they can not take their eyes and ears off.