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Workshop 6: tech entrepreneurs: the path to success


ICT and web entrepreneurs have an enormous, recognised yet untapped potential of boosting the digital economy and transforming today’s society. Top job creators, key in the economic recovery, they deserve a favourable environment to develop innovative ideas starting up and flourish in Europe.

This workshop will take us further into discussion, brainstorming, development and validation of concrete measures to support European entrepreneurs. The conclusions of the previous editions of the Digital Agenda Assembly served to identify the needs of the ICT and web entrepreneurs. This year’s event gains a new context aligned with the work done within the web entrepreneurs' action plan, as we are moving from identifying needs to celebrating entrepreneurship and validating concrete new actions, undertaken by both entrepreneurs and stakeholders supporting them, including actors from accelerators, venture capitalist and crowdfunding networks. The event will be organised in collaboration with the Irish National Development and Research Centre (NDRC).

Tax policies for entrepreneurs: who is getting it right?

One of the actions recommended in Startup Manifesto within its pillar Access to Capital is Tax share options as capital gains, not income.

Workshop 6 in pictures!

Workshop 6 at NDRC - the day in snapshots

The Workshop is taking place now in Dublin!


The workshop on tech and web entrepreneurs is taking place in Dublin.

Great presentations from inspiring tech-startups: follow the workshop on live at and contribute online with your thoughts and ideas!

Why do so few Europeans set out to start their own business? How can more European digitally-skilled young people be convinced to become web and ICT entrepreneurs?


Each of us at some stage needs to make a decision as to what career path he/she is to undertake. The Eurobarometer Survey on Entrepreneurship 2012 found that 58% of Europeans would rather be an employee than self employed; more than half of those who have never run a business say that it never crossed their minds to do so.

Access to funding is a top issue for entrepreneurs. Should the public sector help to fuel tech entrepreneurship? If so, how?

Financial constraints are deemed to represent one the highest barriers for businesses looking to start up and grow in all sectors, and tech entrepreneurs are no exception to this.