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Workshop 5: building an open, safe & secure cyberspace


In their everyday life online, citizens have to decide regularly between their need to protect themselves against malicious behaviour online and – at the same time – their need to make best use of their time online and to profit from opportunities presented by online services. The same considerations apply for governments and service providers who want to make sure users and the internet infrastructures are well-protected against online threats.

The morning workshop will look at how these different concerns of the individual user can be balanced and how technology and policies can contribute to empower citizens to fully enjoy all benefits of the digital world. 

The afternoon workshop will look at cybersecurity from the high-level perspective of providing security on a European level, a responsibility shared between European regulators, the Member States and industry. In particular, the session will discuss the implications of the proposed Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS) on cooperation with industry and how cybersecurity incidents can be prevented or limited in their impact.

Workshop 5 in pictures!

WS5 .jpg Panel discussion at Workshop 5

The workshop started today, and the discussion goes live!

The Digital Agenda Assembly started today! As first thing, in workshop 5, I had the pleasure to report to the audience the results of this online discussion, presenting your comments as food-for-thought. These hints are being taken into account and referred to during the various interventions.

Can we speak of a gap regarding the way cybersecurity is approached in the EU and in the US?

Do you think that the EU could be considered lagging a step behind as per what concern its approach(es)? The approach to cybersecurity is quite different between Brussels and Washington.

Does better security ensure a higher level of competitiveness in the market?

Does better security impact on the level of competitiveness in the market? And in case, does it influence market competitiveness for the better?

How security and protection of networks and systems can be reconciled with freedoms and fundamental rights?

There are many occasions where conflicts can arise between protecting users’ data and providing online security. For example, national authorities' preparedness and monitoring measures against malicious behaviour online require often to access online data.

Which is the topic that you would like to be discussed or that needs further attention?

Whether you are a speaker or a participant to the workshop, or if you are simply interested to the topic, leave here your ideas, thoughts, and open questions, helping us to prepare the ground for a rich discussion in Dublin! Which is the issue that you will bring up or would like to discuss the most during the workshop?

How to build trust in the Digital World?

The underlying logic and functioning of the technologies that fill our life are not understood by most of us; still, we use them, and in doing this we invest "trust".

Network and Information Security (NIS): Which is the added-value for Member States to join a Europe-wide effort on cybersecurity?

The commission has recently launched a EU Cybersecurity plan to protect open internet and online freedom and opportunity, comprising a Cyber Security strategy and Proposal for a Directive.
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