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Work session 1 - Traditional industry, digital and data strategies: How to get maximum benefits from disruptive ICT developments?


The work session focused on the efficiency of production processes and innovation in products and services. It provided an opportunity for presenting and sharing experiences with new industrial strategies to emphasise digital manufacturing in different forms, put in place in several Member States, including the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. The workshop built also on the progress made by the task force on "Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Production", launched by the European Commission.

The work session particularly addressed how progress in ICT area spanning from cyber-physical systems and big data, to robotics, lasers and sensor technology can be applied across the manufacturing processes and products design and life cycle management. The key issue is how to ensure that European industry can make the best use of these technologies to upraise its competitive edge in all sectors of the economy.

The expected outcome was to underline the growing sense of urgency to strategically address and take action in a new digital strategy for European Industries.


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  • 14:00 Opening

  • 14.05 - Introduction – Keynotes Industry

    • Data driven innovation for Industry - Prof. Dr. Martin Przewloka, Senior Vice President, Mobil Empowerment SAP (DE)
  • 14:15-15.00 - Industrial Panel on Digital Automation and Data Agility

  • 15.00-15.10 - Inspiration for a debate from a video – between panels

  • 15.10-16.00 - Panel on 'A new approach to a digital strategy to serve European industry'

    • Panel Moderator and Plenary Rapporteur: Cathy Smith
    • Khalil Rouhana, Director for "Components & Systems, DG communications Networks, Content and Technology (EC)
    • Mark Nicklas, Deputy Head of Unit "Innovation Policy and Growth", DG Enterprise & Industry (EC)
    • Ian Collier, Director High Value Manufacturing programme (UK)
    • Rainer Glatz, Managing Director Electrical Automation and Industrial Software of the VDMA, Plattform Industrie 4.0 (DE)
    • Cécile Dubarry,  Director of the service for Communication and Information Technologies at the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment (FR)
  • Closing

How could big data increase the efficiency of production processes and innovation in manufacturing?

Big data offers great opportunities that can be applied across the manufacturing processes and products design and life cycle management. How could Europe make the best use of big data to upraise the competitiveness of manufacturing? Rolls-Royce is an inspiring example.

What matters for European industry especially SMEs to compete in traditional sectors?

As the white paper of of Pathfinder stands, by the early 2000s, several economists found evidence to support a link between ICT investment and industrial productivity.

How could we increase demand to adopt ICT for manufacturing

Innovative digital technologies from sensors and lasers to cyber-physical systems, robotics, as well as simulation and visualisation tools appear as an important opportunity to increase the competitiveness of the EU industry. Moreover, the combination of these technologies can exponentially transform manufacturing.

Welcome to the discussion

In view of the Digital Action Day workshop on Industrial Digital Strategy, we open this space to prepare the debate and focus the scope of the discussion with the widest range of participants. Laia Pujol will be moderating this forum and posing questions on a weekly basis.