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Who should be invited to the W1 and Digital Agenda plenary?


Just as last year, you can see an "interesting" button.

You can vote on the contributions, not based on a general "approval or like" as in social networks, but on the fact that there is interesting content.

By clicking on the "interesting" button, you indicate who's bringing the best ideas to the conversations, and whose voices should be heard.

Your vote counts! From all participants one person will be selected to attend the Digital Agenda Assembly based on the number of contributions and of "interesting" votes they received.

More info in this blog post


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Cristina Juescas

Cristina congratulations! if you're curious who else got the invitation to the Assembly thanks to hers/his participation in the discussion, see the list here

And of course our conversation doesn't end now. I hope we can keep on sharing our experience and thoughts on digital skills & education during and after the Digital Agenda Assembly. 


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