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Which financial constraints may keep investments at a sub-optimal level?


Europe is currently facing a period of financial crisis, however brodband deployment need significant investments and it is crucial to identify current financial constraints and to understand how to optimize level of investment 

Which financial constraints may keep investments at a sub-optimal level? What is the impact on the take up of cloud services?

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Financing broadband across Europe is becoming increasingly difficult. The February 2013 European council has slashed the broadband budget to just 1 billion euro Additionally, cash-stripped European governments don't have the necessary resources to finance broadband. Nonetheless, high-speed broadband deployment remains crucial to enable skyrocketing Cloud services to enable cost saving to boost European the digital economy.
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The way to finance high speed broadband for all is to support the fibre altnets. Their market is the rural areas and places on long line lengths that conventional copper telcos can't reach. If they were given help to start up now they would provide the much needed competition to incumbents sweating their obsolete assets. A phone line cannot deliver the future. We need fibre. Moral and optical.

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