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What kind of topology will be needed for tomorrow's broadband?


Network topology is a key factor for its effectiveness in delivering advanced services. What kind of topology will be needed for tomorrow's broadband? Point-to-point allowing high-speed communication between users at the edge of the network, or hierarchical between users and cloud infrastructures?

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should the EC be more prescriptive about network topologies? or is it good to preserve neutrality? Is the P2P vs P2MP debate valid only for FTTH deployment (FTTB goes normally in P2MP)?
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I am posting here the reply given on Quora by Tony Li.

"By 'broadband', I assume you mean the access layer.  Typically the access layer has a very low duty cycle, where most users actually use a tiny fraction of their available bandwidth.  In these circumstances, a point-to-point topology is far too expensive.

Instead, some oversubscription is an absolute necessity, just to make statistically efficient use of the deployed resources.  That leaves us clearly in the camp of hierarchy."

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