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What kind of broadband for Cloud? A latent issue...


When talking about broadband, bandwidth is the measure we primarily think of. But limiting ourself to this aspect doesn't give the exact measure of what a performing network for cloud should be. Latency is also relevant. If bandwidth is related to the 'capacity' of the network, latency gives us the time needed to deliver bits of information. The limit of speed of light is there, so distance of data centre is crucial. Some cloud applications require high-throughput network capacity to deliver an high quantity of data. However, other applications are very sensitive to latency rather then bandwidth and capacity of the network. Many operators are trying to improve on both aspects, also by working on Software-defined networking (SDN) technologies to optimize network performance for cloud applications. In your opinion, what kind of broadband will be needed? Low-latency for real time gaming and instant communication or high throughput for big data and content delivery? A couple of readings on the subjects: "Latent issues" "Latency, throughput implications for the Cloud"

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Cloud services needs a high speed broadband to work properly. I think that the broadband requirements depend on the users' needs. Low-latency is needed for recreational purposes as real-time gaming and instant communications. On the other hand, enterprises need a bandwidth broadband for big data and content-delivery.
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For the enterprise also there is a need to think about the application. There are apps that need low latency (e.g. fine grain location based CRM now and vehicle to vehicle safety communication in the future, maybe collaborative video edit too) and those that one may consider as "batch processing" where several seconds is fine. Agree that the strongest latency is going to come from the home gaming market, although this may be considered a commercial entity in the future, the game developers and owners of the on-line servers make money out of this and the model of remote processing for some of the interaction is being seen already. This is an extreme bandwidth, low latency, money making, application.

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Broadband in the United States is largely an embarrassing topic. Service penetration leaves 19 million in the information dark, and prices are not going to go down if the telecoms get the full-scale deregulation they look for. For more information, click here.

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