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Welcome to the online discussion platform for our workshop on broadband and cloud, two subjects which will unevitably continue to have a strong link in the development of the future internet. I am Jacek Starczewski, policy officer in the 'Software and Services, Cloud' unit in Directorate E ('Net Futures') of DG Communication Networks, Content and Technology. Together with my collegue Filippo Munisteri I will be your workshop leader at the DAA next June. I really think that interesting discussions will develop on this platform which we can hopefully discuss live together during the workshop in Dublin and, why not, find suitable conclusions for future developments. Looking forward to discuss with you!

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Let me also welcome you to this discussion platform which shall host our exchanges of views in broadband developments and cloud. My name is Filippo Munisteri, economic analyst dealing with broadband in the 'Broadband' unit of Directorate B ('Electronic Communications Networks and Services'), same DG as Jacek. There is also Carmela, our moderator, who will come up with questions which are already of utmost value to the community . Please come and animate yourself the discussion by asking your questions, sharing your experiences - everybody's point of view and proposals are welcome. You can also help drawing attention to our discussions by using in your twitter activities our hashtag which is #da13cloudBB. Thank you for your collaboration – come and join us!
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There is no hope for a digital Europe until the pipes go to all the people. I know the funding has been cut and we can't expect government to pay for it all, but there are ways and means of making it happen. Less red tape, more cooperation, more common sense. For too long we have been swayed by the powerful telecom lobby. It is up to us, the people on this platform to make our voices heard, and demand that the assembly uses its powers to encourage collaboration and knowledge of the issues. There are no lobbyists for the future, unless its us. The multimillion euro marketing budget of the telcos is what we are up against, they will do all in their power to protect their investment in copper phone lines. To reach all the people we need fibre. We need altnets. We need competition.
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Hi. Thanks for initiating this important discussion. From my point of view a key element of ensuring that ISPs invest, and then keep investing, and that consumers buy broadband, and keep buying it, is the availability of applications and services. We see a number of examples of discriminatory behaviour by ISPs against applications and services (Skype, Cloud services, TV services) and int he long run this will simply put off innovators, reduce the application and services on offer....and ultimately reduce demand for fibre and LTE.
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Don't forget the mobile aspect to this: frequent access to data via mobile networks will further grow demand for cloud based services. Plus Cloud wil be sued to do more computing remotely for mobile applications

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