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Share your comments and ideas on a future “decision support tool” for starting any SR/CR initiative


One of the key conclusions of the 2nd CoP plenary meeting is that the issue of having the process right from the very beginning is a crucial factor for success. The principles are essential but non-sufficient on their own and their pragmatic application must be enhanced. To do so some key questions, often neglected, are meant to be answered en amont, within a “think twice antechamber” step before starting the process.

This document is a first sketch of what could become a “decision support tool”, submitted to the Community’s comments and suggestions until the end of August.

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Starting from my experience in the educational psychology, I suggest that can be useful to take into account also the "metacognitive level" in implementing an efficient SR/CR approach. An SR/CR process needs that participants are aware of their goals and able to monitor and control not only their cognitive level, but also their emotions and behaviors, besides the changes in the environment. Following the model of Anastasia Efklides (2008), three component could be designed: a committee to define and update metacognitive knowledge (MK), an organism devoted to analise the metacognitive experiences (ME), and a repository in which storing the metacognitive skills (MS), representing procedural knowledge, needed to control the processes during the various phases. It is also important to pay particular attention to differentiate conscious/nonconscious/automatic processes. Perhaps the twice antechamber can be deemed as a different way to speculate on a two levels process: cognitive and meta-cognitive.

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This is useful, even if it does not mean that a strict application of the model could be practicable, but it is inspirational and I see it linked to the importance of "attitude" in the success of SR/CR actions, as underlined by Monique Goyens and Angela Mills Wade in the plenary meetings. I hope to see you at our third plenary on November 24 in Brussels!

Nicole Dewandre

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