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Risk assumption is non sufficient, but it is an absolutely necessary condition. It is also necessary to go an step further. Europe society is very different form the US one in this aspect. But luckily it is change.

One example of long term commitment from a regional government was the Strategy for tackling the challenge of chronicity in the basque country, launched in 2010.

It included a program of Public Procurement of innovative Solutions, that has already put in the market several products.

Some clues (in English):

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Sofía Moreno-pérez's picture

Some sectors, like Health, are so complex that industry fail often trying to reach them.
Another exiting initiative is taking place is UK. Three millions life is a program that try to provide personal adjusted attention to chronic patients all along UK, including home monitoring and extended use of ICT. One relevant detail is that they started with a concordat between the National Health System and the industry. Before the plan is defined! It will developed together!

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Here in up north we can show one example to bringing together R&D and market application. BUSINESS KITCHEN is a business development environment that is:
- Providing an access point between universities and businesses
- Supporting the entrepreneurial orientation among university students and staff
Business Kitchen is Universities' Entrepreneurship Hub: both space and community located in the city center of Oulu.
Business "Blender" services are for entrepreneurs and companies who want to develop and speed up their business further co-operative methods. Business "Blender" customer companies get sparring from the team of experts from the universities and it is tailored based on customer's individual needs.

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it is also important to consider the human capital aspect in the technology transfer debate: a recent paper from the LSE looks into the brain gain vs. brain drain perspective: does globalization and/or the economic crisis precipitate a brain drain of high knowledge workers from the South to the North, and whether this exacerbates cross-country technology differences/job opportunities?

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Thanks for these examples. Public-private partnerships seem one of the answers to bridge the gap between R&D and market. I am personally impressed by the one of Andalusia (in the south Spain) with Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA) which could be very interesting for other Regions also trying to bridge the gap between R&D and business. It could be an example to learn about..

Now, do you know any good example on clusters? How can clusters accelerate technology transfer?

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Thanks Anri for the example. I have looked at the web but I can't find the info in english :-( do you have any more info/ data about business kitchen? It is a great idea to learn about..


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We are updating the www-pages and will be published in english soon...
But here are some examples Business Kitchen services and one concrete SME case. We are happy share our knowledge and experiences...

Business Kitchen is Universities’ Entrepreneurship Hub: both space and community located in the city center of Oulu.

Business Kitchen serves:
- people with business ideas
- start-ups and entrepreneurs
- small and medium sized companies
- students and personnel of the universities

We offer universities’ expertise for companies by bringing the best ingredients together. Our goal is to amplify the entrepreneurship orientation in universities and boost growth and internationalization of companies.

Whether you need sparring for your idea, company development or extra hands in your project from the universities – come and visit to us and let’s cook together!

Business Kitchen is the first place in Oulu, which truly brings together different actors from entrepreneurial field under the same roof and is therefore a unique way to make things happen.
Its activities are based on co-creation and co-operation: we believe it is the way to build welfare and create something new in society.
Business Kitchen is a community, where all parties bring their expertise for others to use: everybody help each other to grow and succeed.

Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society (OuluSES) is an open community for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and self-development. Our aim is to foster entrepreneurially friendly culture and interdisciplinary networking among the students of the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Demola produces demos, innovation skills, entrepreneurship culture and activates university-business collaboration. Students develop new concepts for products and services together with companies. Projects are done in multidisciplinary teams made up of students from both the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Demola Oulu is a part of the Demola network (link:

Below is one example how we work:
Business Blender
Customer: Oikian Solutions ltd
Business Blender helped oikian solutions with a lot things: to find the right product-market fit, to revise the content of the product, and after that to relaunch it. In a nutshell, sharpening the scope of the business as a whole.

Oikian solutions suffered from a scarcity of resources and they were wondering what to do. Then came the Business Blender experts and solving the problem begun. During a six month period three experts from Business Blender and the representatives of oikian solutions met each other on regular basis and developed oikian's business even further. That was definitely right move to make, as after that oikian solutions got investment from Vision+ fund.

The problems and our solutions
Even though oikian solutions had their first customer, they needed help to make the best out of it. To make it even more challenging, oikian solutions was already taking its first steps towards foreign markets.

During the six month development program oikian solutions received sparring and advice from Business Blender experts. The product content was revised thoroughly in collaboration with the experts and the founders of the company. Consequently, the product was relaunched successfully. The steps and conclusions were also documented on the final report, which is a very concrete and helpful tool for oikian solutions to use in the future.

Not just a service but a resource
The advice given by Business Blender experts were put into action straight away and there was real causality between the decisions made and the progress of the business. That made oikian solutions' path much easier than it would have otherwise been.

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This article from Stanford includes some clues and lessons from the very big "masters" of making money from knowledge and science.

Starting point is to have already motivated and very good students, encouraged faculty to take innovative ideas to the market, linked with venture investors willing to spend their money. That starting point does not remember me my experience in the university ...

But it is not that easy, they say: "It requires creating an environment that encourages innovation at every turn—cutting-edge work and to provide an environment that encourages innovation and supports the free flow of information. Flexibility is key to its success. Stanford understands that catching the next wave of innovation depends on agility and openness to change."

Full text is here, being inspiring it makes also very clear how difficult is to replicate:

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It is said that research carried out at public research institutions doesn't reach markets.
A new initiative to to boost tech transfer across Europe, to "enhance the impact of public research on society and economy", has been recently created: ASTP-Proton.
We hope this new association will contribute to fast technology transfer in Europe.

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Very interesting initiative Mireia, thanks! In this link you can find more information about it:

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