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Response from the Danish Government to the online consultation on Internet governance


Denmark appreciates the opportunity to set forth our views on the future of Internet governance at this critical juncture in Internet governance history.  The growing demand for legitimate and sustainable solutions to the current and future challenges of Internet governance makes the status quo fragile and necessitates careful consideration and extensive multi-stakeholder dialogue before commitment to common approaches are made.


Denmark strongly believes in a free and open Internet governed on the basis of a multi-stakeholder model. In our view, the active and equal involvement of civil society, the business community and governments in Internet governance has been key in the historic success of the Internet and is therefore key to the future success of the Internet as well.


The current multi-stakeholder set-up and mechanisms can certainly be improved to be even more inclusive, transparent and accountable to the benefit of all Internet stakeholders. Denmark therefore welcomes the main principles set forth in the Montevideo Statement on the Future of Internet Cooperation[1], in particular an accelerated internationalisation and globalization of ICANN and the IANA functions, while continuing to ensure a stable and secure management of Internet resources. We believe that a new framework for ICANN and IANA must be discussed in an open process with global stakeholders.


Denmark also views the increased participation by developing countries in multi-stakeholder fora and decisions as an important step towards a better functioning and more balanced model of Internet governance, and therefore welcomes the Commission’s Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) initiative as a useful tool in achieving this objective.


Trust is one of the key conditions for a well functioning and ever growing Internet. In the current crisis of confidence, where Internet users question their governments’ ability to safeguard basic rights and online privacy, it is important not to take premature actions or regulatory measures. This could risk harming and fragmenting the global and open Internet as an engine for growth, development and innovation.


Denmark supports the OECD Council Recommendation on Principles for Internet Policy Making as a good basis for further multi-stakeholder discussions on a global principle-based framework.


Denmark is looking forward to the Commission’s announced communication on Internet governance and to participating in the further discussions on this important subject.

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