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Public Services for Businesses: recipes for supporting growth


How can governments better support the enterprises?

Is the reduction of administrative burden enough or we can do more? 

In the current times of economic crisis businesses not only struggle to grow but even to survive. They need an environment that favours their development. Which actions and policies can the public sector set up to provide such an environment? Creating service infrastructure? Providing consultancy service to expand and internationalize their business? Developing One Stop Shop services? 

These questions (and more) are at the center of the workshop Public Services for Businesses: recipes for supporting growth, that follows up to the Digital Agenda Assembly workshop 1 "Going Smart and Accessible in Public Services and Cities", held in Dublin last 19th June 2013. It is organized by Tech4i2 on behalf of the European Commission.

Representatives from the public sector, practitioners, experts and other stakeholders will gather together in this one day workshop to identify policy options to be proposed and adopted by the public administrations across Europe.

The discussion will start from real cases and experiences and take into account 4 key areas already identified:

  • Ease of use of online services and reduction in administrative burdens
  • Non-regulatory support for SMEs 
  • Public procurement 
  • Support for cross border trade and internationalization 

In preparation for the workshop, we are kicking off the discussion online.  And let us start with a straightforward question:

Which are, in your opinion, effective and inspiring initiatives of online public services that really supported business growth?

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Roberto Pizzicannella's picture

Not sure this will reply to the question above, but let's try.
Till recently the major effort in online public services for businesses has been oriented in providing administrative simplification.
If enterprises can save time in dealing with administrative tasks, they can devote more resources to their core business.
More comprehensive approaches are emerging, that not only provide simpler regulations for businesses but also try to create a favorable environment for the enterprises to grow their business.
Some of the practices that will be presented in the workshop are representative of these approaches.
Hopefully an answer to your question will come from the workshop itself? They can help us to understand the advantages those new approaches bring to businesses.

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