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This explores new possibilities at the intersection of nanotechnology, (cell-)biology, chemistry and information science. This can be aimed at new tools and techniques for advancing research (e.g., in neuroscience or biology), at the conception of novel systems and materials (e.g., synthetic or hybrid ones) or at applications for new implants, drug delivery, generative medicine. We seek strong synergies between the different disciplines for jointly exploring such new technological possibilities.

What are we looking for?
•    What should be the orientation of research on this topic? As stated, do you feel it is too broad or, on the contrary, too narrow?
•    Have any recent scientific results been obtained relevant to this topic? Is there already a well-established community on this?
•    Do you know of related initiatives, for instance at national level, or in other continents?
•    What is needed at this point to advance this? More exploration of different ideas? More coordination among groups or related initiatives? A strong push for a precise technological target and, if so, which one? Anything else?

Background: Following the last FET consultation during 2012-13, 9 topics were identified as candidates for a FET Proactive. This topic has not been selected for inclusion in the FET Work Programme for 2014-15. Comments are invited on whether this topic is still relevant, or if any changes would be necessary to take account of recent research results. We are also trying to understand better how to advance these areas.

To participate to the consultation:
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- then "log in" and enter your contribution in the "Add new comment" box, at the vey bottom of the page.
You can also participate by commenting on submitted ideas and/or voting for them.

If you wish to share with us additional documents or have any questions about the process, please send them to our FET mailbox.


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This is the only topic that includes the life sciences in FET proactive. it is important that new ideas in different fields of biology, that can be exploited for better diagnosis and cure of diseases (for example) can be developed in an interdisciplinary manner, using the "nano and chem" expertise. Thus, the topic could be very open to challenging ideas, to be realized at the crossroad of these three different/complementary expertise.

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New possibilities at the nano-bio-chem interface

Dear Beatrice,
The development of an interdisciplinary technological platform that combines nanotech, biology and chemistry looks quite appealing to me for a very promising for an interesting new FET.
A very interesting approach could the realization of a multifunctional scaffold through a more biologically and rationally based method. The realization of a novel system and materials represents a key point for advancing research considering the increasing of clinical and social needs particularly for the age-related pathologies. A major point is the improvement of biomaterials that have been developed in these years since they show some limitations such; for instance, living tissue can respond to changing physiological loads or biochemical stimuli but synthetic materials cannot.
Therefore, the big challenge is the realization of an innovative-engineered scaffold that offers to the cells the most suitable environment by satisfying the morphological, mechanical and biophysical properties in order to mimic the 3D in vivo.

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