On July 9th, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi inaugurated Italy’s 6 month Presidency of the European Council, calling for a bold new plan to create “Digital Europe.” The Prime Minister and Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission and the Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, hosted a conference of leading CEOs from across Europe in Venice, and issued “The Venice Declaration” to bring the EU into the digital age.  Jeremy Rifkin was asked to deliver the keynote address.

Mr. Rifkin explained that the digitalization of the European economy involves much more than providing seamless broadband and more reliable Wi-Fi. The digital economy will revolutionize every aspect of society, disrupt the workings of virtually every industry, bring with it unprecedented new economic opportunities and business models, and create millions of new jobs. 

In the attached paper (pdf), prepared in view of the Digital Action Day where he will speak, Jeremy Rifkin further elaborates on these thoughts. The paper is entitled "Digital Europe, the Rise of the Internet of Things and the Integration of the Single Market" and provides a more detailed analysis of the points he will cover in his address at the Digital Action Day.

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