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How to ensure a genuine multi-stakeholder approach?


I'd like to launch a discussion on another very relevant issue of internet governance which is mentioned in the Discussion Paper: the multi-stakeholder model through which the internet is governed. The diversity and balance of interests in this model have been crucial for the success of the internet. But it has also been criticised for not being inclusive and transparent enough.

Do you think that the current multi-stakeholder model has enough legitimacy - both regarding process and stakeholders - given the fundamental impact of the Internet on our societies?

How can capture of the process by vested interests be prevented?

Where does the model need to be improved?

Here you can discuss your views on these issues!

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Cristina MARTINEZ GONZALEZ European Commission DG CONNECT/02 Head of Sector 'Integration of Regulation, Policy and Research"
Vessela KARLOUKOVSKA European Commission, DG CONNECT Stakeholders Unit Policy officer
Prabhat AGARWAL European Commission DG CONNECT Policy Officer
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