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How does cloud change the demand for broadband?


Cloud computing has the potential to dramatically modify our broadband requirement in terms of functioning and performances. How does cloud change the demand for broadband?


Is cloud computing likely to increase the demand for more upload/download bandwidth symmetry in broadband offerings to SME's and households?

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Thanks to cloud computing services both SMEs and citizens will benefit from enormous costs-savings. Given the current economic crisis and the need for everybody to cut expenses, the use of cloud services will skyrocket. In order to enable the use of cloud services, it is necessary to have high-speed broadband all across Europe. SMEs can save huge amounts of money through Infaas (e.g. Linkedin) and BusinessPaaS (e.g. expense management) if the broadband capacity allows them to use these services properly. In order to enable the use of cloud services for householders such as content-sharing, online gaming and high-definition TV the current broadband capacity should definitely be increased.
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 Interesting comment by Tony Li via Quora:  

 "It's unlikely to do anything to household requirements.  However, for the enterprise, which may shift computation from a local data center to the cloud, there will be an increased need for Internet access.  Bandwidth that was formerly only between the desktop and the data center now needs to run from the desktop to the cloud, to even break even on performance.  Further, since the cloud is remote, the is necessarily additional latency due to propagation delay.  One way to compensate for this will may be even higher bandwidth and higher performance computation in the cloud."

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No dobts that the cloud offer could accelerate the BB demand, but is not only a question of tools or storage capabilities, it depends more of end to end services and solutios. It is a set of apps+devices+networks+cloud, where the provider could be an operator, an isp, or any oder agent.
The cloud offer is not enough to speed up the broadband demand.

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We have seen and see security and privacy threads all the time an from all directions. When it comes to intellectual properties, when it comes to person related data - commercial and data protection considerations will call for trust services. Such Cloud based - Cloud enabling trust services (eID and encryption of data) will call for huge bandwidth. They will have to be based nationally or at least in Europe which will be a specific challenge and chance for Europe in the overall Cloud business.

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From Paul Vinciguerra, CCIE CISSP via Linkedin

"The cloud puts much more demand on end-users Internet resiliency requirements. Now users and their data are often separated by a single Internet connection. Should that connection fail, the users need to have an alternate plan. Walking across the street to work out of Starbucks is really not an option. 

BGP has many of the right properties for addressing this need, but it is beyond the cost of so many organizations. NAT solutions are just wrong. The introduction of state and multiple identities has so many hidden costs. 

We actually do this today by announcing customer routes via BGP at multiple geographically distributed Internet exchanges and deliver their traffic over their existing Internet and even broadband class circuits."

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From Rolf Sperber via Linkedin*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1%2Egmr_4367868%2Egde_4367868_member_245351603%2Egmr_4367868#commentID_143417690

“Cloud will increase the demand for network elasticity. Provisioning will have to be related to the applications to enable automated virtual networks that satisfy the requirements of international collaboration in the cloud. Currently a group from University of Dresden, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Hamburg and me are working on an SDN architecture that allows for negotiation between application and network and application and a pool of virtualized network functions. We are still looking for partners...”

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