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The Electronics Community is set-up to actively solicit input, obtain feedback and give wider support of actors along the electronics value chain.

Which eco-system in Europe?

Cooperation and partnerships - Which eco-system in Europe? Value chain and Partnerships Innovation chain Role of SMEs Clusters Electronic components are an essential part of almost any final products. Will vertical re-integration happen? How important is proximity with users? How to nurture a systems approach?

Which longer term priorities for Europe?

Prepare the future - Which longer term priorities for Europe? New opportunities New technologies Skills Which disruptions/ innovations will be ready for exploitation in 2020 ? Will Moore's law come to an end? When will this be on the industry's radar? What will change? Which technology developments do we need to invest in?

Which investments in Europe?

Capacity - Which investments in Europe? Is manufacturing a commodity? Level Playing Field Investments Smart specialisation The role of Pilot Lines Why does Europe need an electronic components manufacturing base? Is an electronics value chain sustainable without an electronic component manufacturing capacity in Europe?

Electronic Products and Markets

Electronic Products and Markets - Which markets for Europe? Current trends Commodity vs. niche markets Application domains Differentiating factor Current trends Identified trends: cloud computing, mobile convergence, immediacy (IoT), smart systems everywhere, next generation wireless, security standards and energy efficiency.
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