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Since a large number of

Since a large number of sectors are already there trying to cut their slice of market, the world of consumers are furnished with more options than ever. So in order to expand one's business to deal with bureaucracy it is extremely important to preserve and process data in the World Wide Web. Resources like Cloud Computing, online crowdsourcing and media content strategy services are here to stay. Now what the system providers and designers must do is to ensure reach to each and everyone online. Just as Mark Zucherburg decided to visit India to expand his network in the remote villages of India. The key is not the product, its accessibility. For example, in the vast domain of education needs to implement more and more online video tutorial packages instead of selling on-campus courses.

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Exporters from developing

Exporters from developing countries (DCs) will see opportunities through cooperation and knowledge sharing with experts from mature markets such as Europe, Japan and North America, and will be able to strengthen their position through co-development of innovative product solutions. A focus on niche markets and penetration of electronics to new markets such as electronic lighting, automation, and energy will be advantageous for DC exporters.

Technological, environmental and political trends will create a surge in demand for intelligent and efficient solutions, opening doors for innovative suppliers of electronics. Finally, specialisation in components and solutions for niche segments to meet the needs of older people is another opportunity for DCs, while the changing socio- demographic composition in Europe welcomes innovative products in the healthcare industry and new solutions for households.

Urbanisation, an ageing society and changing human behaviour will continue to impact consumer preferences and demands, welcoming new products and solutions in innovation-rich application industries, as well as in niche segments.

In the long term, the growth of urban areas will continue to drive the need for technical solutions for people, accommodation and transportation. A focus on sustainability in Mega Cities will strengthen the importance of electric transportation in Europe, USA and Asia and this, in turn, will increase the demand for electronic solutions in numerous industries;



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