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Do we still need physical stores?


At the beginning of the Internet, innovative and resourceful online traders imposed themselves against heavyweight traders. Then the "clicks & mortar" was the rule. But after announcements of closures series, ‪do you think that physical stores still have a future?


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Online is causing physical retail to readjust, raise its service and reappraise the form format and function of physical stores. Will they disappear? Definitely not.

Thinking it will is like saying that supermarkets will eliminate gardening, fishing and hunting.

The adjustment for physical retail will be severe. The Center for retail excellence in a report May 2013 said that both food and non food sales will double in the coming 5 years. Losses in Retail? Hundreds of thousands of jobs. Gains in Internet related businesses and logistics etc: Hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The Apple store is a good example of the "NEW" physical. Reports suggest that google is planning retail outlets, Microsoft and Amazon. Why are they doing this ?

People actually LIKE physical stores . The form an important social function, they are places people meet, socialise, engage in activities far beyond retail. Ever shopped with a group of friends? FUN and you buy more.

Swing by Abercrombie and Fitch on Dame stret and enjoy the experience , clothes and eye candy.

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