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Is the current generation of mobile communications technology (3G) adequate for cloud-based applications?


One of the increasing characteristic of internet use is the demand of connectivity anytime, anywhere. People wish to access their content and communicate via web also in mobility.

Is the current generation of mobile communications technology (3G) sufficient to guarantee satisfactory quality of service (QoS) for the delivery of cloud-based services and applications on mobile devices?

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Cloud mobile services are becoming increasingly popular. Both SMEs and consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on Cloud services, e.g. to access their webmail or to store data. The smartphones' market has skyrocketed in the past couple of years and this trend will continue in the coming years. Clearly, 3G is not sufficient anymore to guarantee a satisfactory quality of service. There's a need for 5G to be deployed as soon as possible all across Europe in order to keep up with cloud services' needs. This is why the European Commission has just announced that it will support research in 5G technology (50 millions €) in 2013.
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Be it Office 365, Google Docs and hopefully in the future European platforms enabling continuous document access and working with then all these need bandwidth on the go. The first step needs to be information - I cannot afford my documents and presentations not adequately usable when I go to a meeting. A bandwidth availability map including the "affordable" price situation is a prerequisite as we are more and more on the road and working.

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Here below  the comments I received, to be shared with you, from Andreas Goerdeler, of German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, one of the speakers to the workshop 4 in Dublin.

“Cloud Computing leads to an increase in demand for broadband connectivity in general, and especially for mobile broadband connectivity as it greatly simplifies decentralized work. Hence, the potential of Cloud Computing can only be realized when an overall sufficient supply of broadband connectivity is ensured.”

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