In the last CoP plenary meeting, the need to ensure a proper mix between hard and soft regulation was again mentioned. Instead of being exclusive alternatives, it is clear that policy goals can best be reached if we find the proper balance between what needs to be set in hard law and what is best addressed through complementary non-regulatory means.

One of the CoP's steering committee members, Patrick von Braunmühl, from SRIW, has kindly offered a draft of a standard clause that could be included in regulatory texts, such as the one flowing from the DSM, in order to ensure that SRCR would be effective and join up with the overall policy goals.

The CoP is an experimental, exploratory and reflexive space: posting this draft on the CoP platform does not engage the Commission or its services, but aims at receiving comments and/or improvements from all stakeholders and to prepare the debate that will take place in the next CoP plenary meeting.