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To grow productivity EU people needs free or cheap access to the Internet, like US people have in Philadelphia and other cities. Particularly free WiFi spots is just rare possibility in the most of EU countries, especially south ones. It has to be changed quickly, because if people ready to work or learn in any place (cafe/airport/hotel/university) they have to have this possibility and don't pay for just expensive and slow mobile (cell) connections. We invited way to monetize free WiFi spots by "non-intrusive" ads and distributing this technology in Russia. It shows small ads banners over part of surface of browsers and applications. This new technology provides effective monetization of WiFi spots by non-vandal way telecom companies use now (they show advertisements on full screen and disconnect users from their social nets and applications). Hope it can help European people get much more number of free WiFi zones.

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Cristina MARTINEZ GONZALEZ European Commission DG CONNECT/02 Head of Sector 'Integration of Regulation, Policy and Research"
Vessela KARLOUKOVSKA European Commission, DG CONNECT Stakeholders Unit Policy officer
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