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Meet the thousands of ICT researchers and organisations and share the excitement of Europe's largest network of successful, collaborative scientific projects stemming from the European Commission's Framework Programmes on ICT and Innovation.

Find out Alice's successful career path or Bob's trajectory from research to defining policy since they both participated 4 years ago, in an FP7-ICT project on Molecular Electronics for tomorrow's ultra-fast computer.

In a world connected by digital tools & applications, where science itself becomes digital, Framework programme participants, past & present, should not go unnoticed, especially those whose successful track record would commend public recognition and reward in Europe and beyond. This represents a huge untapped precious resource, which unlike others only increases with use.

AlumniCT is a network formed by the huge number of FP-ICT participants (researchers & organisations) to raise awareness of FP-ICT programmes and follow career paths and mobility of researchers and open up their contacts and experiences for the benefit of each other as well as newcomers.

All ideas, comments and suggestions on the above are welcome.

where are all those people?

I would be grateful to all colleagues who can contact their projects and let them know of the alumnICT group. There is no immediate incentive other than to link the thousands of project participants, researchers and others, that are current partners in our FP7 projects or have been in past FPs.
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David GUEDJ European Commission DG CNECT/C3 - Digital Science Senior Policy Officer
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