e-Infrastructures for You

This is an open online idea-sharing space where people, service providers, research organisations, small and big businesses and institutions talk about e-infrastructures and e-infrastructure-related topics like Digital Science, Open Access to scientific information, big research data, exascale computing, new professions and skills for e-infrastructures, international cooperation etc.

e-Infrastructures are unique ICT-based infrastructures which empower researchers with an easy and controlled online access to facilities, resources and collaboration tools and enable the complex, multi-disciplinary and globalised practice of Digital Science. e-Infrastructures may encompass high-capacity and high-performance communication networks (e.g. GÉANT), distributed computing infrastructures (grids and clouds), supercomputer infrastructures, simulation software, scientific data infrastructures and services and serve various user communities.

e-Infrastructures are public goods that support education, research and innovation policies in Europe. The active involvement of all stakeholders in setting the e-infrastructure priorities and strategies is therefore essential.