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Contest: 5 tickets for LeWeb'13 Paris for 5 entrepreneurs from 5 EU countries

This contest is open to EU entrepreneurs/start-ups.

European digital start-ups face a number of challenges and barriers when trying to grow and expand their activities cross border: from lack of digital skills to bureaucracy, from lack of entrepreneurial climate to difficulties in accessing finance, not mentioning the diversity dimension of the EU and the language barriers.  But there might be others, country-based or regional-based, not identified by surveys and not measured in statistics. 


Our aim is to gather new input regarding barriers but also incentives for the growth of innovative start-ups in Europe. Furthermore a debate around these barriers and incentives is encouraged. In this way the community may take advantage of the experience of others and find new solutions to their problems.

The prize

5 full 3 days tickets at LeWeb'13 Paris will be offered to 5 entrepreneurs / start-ups from 5 different EU countries. The 5 winners and their backups will be chosen on November 8th during the conference"Grow: Let's hear it from the start-ups and SMEs. Let's cluster"  as part of the ICT2013 event in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The contest is open to all entrepreneurs/start-ups as described in the target group in the file attached to this page.

The proposals

In order to be selected, the interested participants should address all the following five points:

  1. describe the barrier(s) they are facing when developing a business,
  2. Propose solutions to overpass the barriers
  3. Propose incentives needed to put in place to stimulate the growth of innovative companies
  4. name a success story in their country
  5. Attract as many people as possible to comment their proposal and reply to questions

The contest, the rules and the deadlines are attached to this page.


In order to post a proposal you have to first create an ECAS account. Than you will post the proposal as COMMENT by addressing all the 4 points above and mentioning in the Subject line your country and the main barrier you will describe under point 1.

Once your proposal is visible we recommend you to invite as many people as possible to debate around it by REPLYING to your proposal. You must reply to any comments/questions raised in relation to your proposal.

The deadline to post your proposal is November 3rd, 2013 but you should encourage the debate around it at least until November 8th, 2013 the date when we will choose the winners. 

Good luck!



Agne Zakareviciute's picture

It's difficult to have seed investment, because there is only few companies in Lithuania that are doing that. Especially, than it's a social venture - there is no angels to contact with. You have to look outside the country, so it gets very complicated - as you have no connections, and no one wants to invest in a venture that is far away. The solution would be a social network for entrepreneurs , where they could share information, there would be listed all events(accelerators, conferences, etc) that are going on in your region, also list of investors and their interests. Also if you are looking for seed investment, you could share that information. There also should be more meetings, investors breakfast and other events there you could contact. Finland has a very successful project - Startup sauna, that creates positive environment for entrepreneurs.

Linas Sivis's picture

It's difficult to raise funding or even seed funding. So, organizing meetings with investors would be great. Such initiatives as this: helping entrepreneurs to go to LaWeb is great. I have heard that in Finland young entrepreneurs can get free loans from their government once in a lifetime. It helps a lot.
And they have successful stories like AngyBirds.
I agree with nzakarag, that creating positive environment for entrepreneurs in all EU is a priority.

's picture

what about a success story from Latvia, could you name one?

's picture

I do have heard about Startup sauna in Finland. From what I know it is hugely successful project. Nevertheless, I am not sure if such projects are needed in every single country- at least as small as baltic countries . It is a good point you have mentioned -that one needs to make all this startup processes more international or at least regional. Thus such more regionally orientated event or network would be highly useful.

's picture

are you talking about a global or your regional social network?

's picture

Yes, I tottally agree, that's why it's so good that This year we have a lot of conferences for startups in Lithuania

's picture

I totally agree.

's picture

Any exemple of a success story from Lithuania?