One of the biggest challenges of eHealth is to provide patients the adequate care they need, wherever they are. The European Union epSOS pilot project tries to improve widespread availability of ePrescriptions and patients summaries.

Providing patients with needed treatment, wherever they are, is the challenge for eHealth. This implies sharing good practices in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and giving people the opportunity to travel freely throughout Europe – knowing that they or their carers can access their health information from anywhere.

12,3 million EU citizens live in a country different from their origin state and every year millions more make trips to other EU countries. The availability of vital information, especially for patients suffering from chronic diseases, enables them to move across borders without anxiety and to receive the most appropriate treatment whenever needed.

EU pilot for cross-border care

Pioneer in this field, the epSOS pilot project validated and improved patient summaries and ePrescriptions. Patient summaries include general and medical information about a patient and her current medications. ePrescriptions enable the patient to obtain medication in any EU pharmacy that participated in the epSOS pilot phase.

The project also tested how to make patient summaries securely accessible to the European emergency services (112 emergency number) and the potential of the European Health Insurance card, a document shared by all persons insured in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, as one of the tools for the electronic identification of patients.

  • More info available on the epSOS website
3 December 2012
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19 March 2018
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