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Overview of topics that the CAPS projects address
CAPS topics
Collective Awareness projects cover many issues, from open democracy to collaborative consumption and internet science. You can find an overview of the projects in this page.

CAPS is the European Commission's initiative on Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. It aims at designing and piloting online platforms that create awareness of sustainability problems and offer collaborative solutions. These solutions are based on networks - of people, of ideas, of sensors - thus enabling new forms of social innovation.

There have been two CAPS calls so far: one in the FP7 ICT Work Programme 2013 (objectives 5.5 and 1.7b) and one in the H2020 ICT Work Programme 2015 (topic ICT-10). A total of 12 projects from call 1 is running at the moment and since 1 January 2016 is complemented by 22 new projects from call 2.

The topics covered in the projects are

  1. Open Democracy
  2. Open Policy Making
  3. Collaborative Economy
  4. Collaborative Making
  5. Collaborative Consumption
  6. New Collaborative approaches to  Inclusion, Agriculture, Health, disaster management
  7. Environmental action (citizen science)
  8. Internet Science, Decentralised architectures, Open Data, Privacy, Social Entrepreneurship
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