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Bob Jones is head of the CERN openlab project ( which is a public-private partnership between CERN ( and leading ICT companies to develop data-intensive solutions for the needs of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and CERN’s scientific programme. The CERN openlab brings together expertise and a highly demanding environment that pushes new technologies to their limits to provide a neutral ground for carrying out advanced R&D. Bob is also a leader of the Helix Nebula – the Science Cloud initiative (, a public private partnership to explore the use of commercial cloud services for science applications supported by the EC under grant 312301. His past experience includes mandates as the technical director and then project director of the European Commission co-financed EGEE projects (2004-2010, which established and operated a production grid facility for e-Science spanning 300 sites across 48 countries for more than 12,000 researchers.

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23 APR 2017
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