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The Digital Single Market blog is a collection of opinion pieces from DG CONNECT, and guest contributions from stakeholders involved in shaping DSM policies. Feel free to comment and share your ideas by participating in the discussions.

You can also read the posts from the Director General of DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola's blog.

“The Dawn of 5G”, this year's jubilee edition of EuCNC
The i-Treasures project uses advanced ICT technologies to capture, analyse and model Intangible Cultural Heritage resources, enable knowledge exchange between researchers and contribute to the...
Roberto VIOLA
Today the new organisation chart of DG CONNECT takes effect.
Roberto VIOLA
The European Union and the United States issued a joint statement after the fourteenth EU-U.S. Information Society Dialogue held in Washington, DC on 28 June 2016
Roberto VIOLA
In a lively mix of political leaders and stakeholders, the OECD Ministerial on the digital economy has recognised the need for collective action to seize the benefits of digital transformation.The...
As the Commission sets out measures under the Digital Single Market strategy, the Community of Practice for better self- and co-regulation (the CoP) will meet to discuss SRCR aspects within those...
Roberto VIOLA
European Investment Bank opens a call for the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund management
Michael WIMMER
Completely ordinary photos are being transformed into clean, high-resolution 3D worlds thanks to algorithms from the Harvest4D consortium.
On Tuesday, 17 May the eID community got together to take stock of the latest developments and, even more importantly, to share ideas on how to move forward and accelerate the cross-border and cross-...
Roberto VIOLA
It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver – said Mahatma Gandhi.