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37665 Patrick PLADYS Patrick PLADYS

Big data applied to neonatology: a new hope for premature newborns in Europe

14 November 2016 Each year in Europe, around 300 000 babies are born prematurely. Our H2020 funded project Digi-NewB aims to achieve a non-invasive monitoring system which will help doctors and nurses take better...
37743 Pim TUYLS Pim TUYLS

Intrinsic-ID, authenticating everything, safeguarding the connected digital world

4 November 2016 At ICT Proposers' Day 2016 in Bratislava, Intrinsic-ID was awarded the prestigious EU Innovation Radar Prize 2016.
37700 Benoit BARDY Benoit BARDY

Treating social disorders with robots and avatars that imitate the patient's body language

31 October 2016 Humanoid robots and computer-generated avatars help those who suffer from schizophrenia, autism, or social phobia.
33722 Claire BURY Claire BURY

Libraries and coding – a match made in heaven

20 October 2016 On Tuesday 18 October, the Generation code: Born at the library exhibition opened in the European Parliament.
27498 Magnus FRANKLIN Magnus FRANKLIN

Finding bedrock: Prospecting for digital oil requires trust

19 October 2016 Data may be the new oil but for the wells of data to continue flowing, citizens need a bedrock of privacy where their information is safe. At the Digital Assembly, the European Commission's...

Boosting innovation on Active and Healthy Ageing in the Digital Single Market

17 October 2016 Regions, industry and users unite around a shared vision on how digital innovation can transform health and care in Europe.
934 Thomas SKORDAS Thomas SKORDAS

Former FET researcher wins 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

12 October 2016 Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa have received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016, for their landmark contribution to nanotechnology. All three laureates are former...

European countries are reaping the benefits of Open Data

12 October 2016 How do European countries use open data? Who are the trend setters? And what impact does open data have on our economy & society? Our latest report looked at Open Data Maturity and Readiness.
28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

EU-US cooperation for a better usability of open data

7 October 2016 On both sides of the Atlantic, we are in regular dialogues. These are important, but what we also need is more collaboration and joint efforts. Collaboration brings scale, standards, and progress.
37372 Gail KENT Gail KENT

ICT Proposers' Day 2016 – enjoying a successful event

6 October 2016 Networking and information sessions, workshops, awards – all you need to know about the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17 funding, in one place.