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You can also read the posts from the Director General of DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola's blog.

28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

A Fantastic Voyage ahead to understand the human brain

30 November 2016 Large-scale brain initiatives from the EU, the US and Japan start collaborating to accelerate the development of new theories and innovative technologies in this field.

The Network of Big Data Centers of Excellence in Europe is up and running

30 November 2016 Big Data National Centers of Excellence in Europe join forces for better networking and collaboration.
38044 Domingos GUIMARAES Domingos GUIMARAES

Let’s code the future for European jobs!

29 November 2016 We are living in a digital age. It’s time to take a stand and invest in ICT skills!
23265 Michel DRESCHER Michel DRESCHER

International Industry-Academia Workshop on Cloud Reliability and Resilience hosted by EIT Digital

25 November 2016 The recent workshop hosted by EIT Digital in Berlin on 7 & 8 November 2016 presented the latest approaches to support standardisation of reliability and resilience for cloud services.
37762 Hao HU Hao HU

PHOTONMAP, winner of the Horizon Prize on optical transmission technologies

25 November 2016 PHOTONMAP won the €500,000 Horizon Prize for its proposal of building a multi-core fibre optical communication system that will increase both the joint spectral efficiency and the capacity of the...
37751 Oliver HOLLAND Oliver HOLLAND

Horizon Prize Collaborative Spectrum Sharing won by DISTRIBUTE Team!

23 November 2016 Dr. Oliver Holland from King’s College London, leader of the submission, gives his thoughts on winning the Collaborative Spectrum Sharing Prize
37372 Gail KENT Gail KENT

Working together with Brazil on digital issues

18 November 2016 Outcome of the 9th EU-Brazil ICT Dialogue
37891 Juergen MLYNEK Juergen MLYNEK

Shaping the future Quantum Technology Flagship: feedback from the community workshop

18 November 2016 Our responsibility, within the expert group on Quantum Technology Flagship, is to recommend to the Commission a strategic agenda and an efficient model for the future Flagship, by June 2017. To...

AIOTI: The European 'Internet of Things' ecosystem has now a strong voice

15 November 2016 Our Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) has become a recognised European Association. This allows us to secure AIOTI’s future and to enable us to have a greater impact for our members.
28994 Roberto VIOLA Roberto VIOLA

European Commission sets up an internal Task Force on Financial Technology

14 November 2016 Leaders of European banks have just presented their views on digital transformation to Commissioner Oettinger and VP Dombrovskis. During a round table meeting on banking in the digital age, they...