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The Digital Single Market blog is a collection of opinion pieces from DG CONNECT, and guest contributions from stakeholders involved in shaping DSM policies. Feel free to comment and share your ideas by participating in the discussions.

You can also read the posts from the Director General of DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola's blog.

Christina NORDIN
Digitisation of industry SMEs is not happening quickly enough. The Stakeholder Forum in Essen will be a learning opportunity to improve digital coaching programs in Sweden.
2016 was the year of major developments, with direct impact on global internet governance discussions. 2017 promises to be a significant year as well, find out more at the Internet Governance Week...
500+ stakeholders will meet in Essen in a few weeks to discuss the future of European industry and society in a digitised world, and the Czech Průmysl 4.0 initiative will bring their contribution.
Stefano FIRPO
The New Industrial Revolution can help build a new European identity. We have a unique opportunity to shape a digitised industrial future, where vision and pragmatism go hand in hand to create both a...
Technology and nature, two essentials for our life on this planet, are being merged in the project flora robotica.
Mechthild ROHEN
We believe that the Internet of Things has the potential to drastically improve our lives, our work places and our industrial efficiencies and capabilities while taking into account security, privacy...
Ulrich AHLE
FIWARE: Much more than a platform capable of breaking vendor lock-in challenges, geographical barriers and the lack of open standards in several scenarios.
Roberto VIOLA
The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has pleaded in his last State of the Union address that connectivity should benefit everyone. There is a wealth of economic evidence that links...
I’m looking forward to the first edition of the yearly Stakeholder Forum for the Digitising European Industry initiative. It will take place in Essen at the end of January. For the first time we will...
Claire BURY
We need to trust in diversity. The more your project includes individuals from different backgrounds, the more you will be creatively stimulated by different ideas and perspectives. Let's take...