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The Digital Single Market blog is a collection of opinion pieces from DG CONNECT, and guest contributions from stakeholders involved in shaping DSM policies. Feel free to comment and share your ideas by participating in the discussions.

You can also read the posts from the Director General of DG CONNECT, Roberto Viola's blog.

Software and technologies addressing the challenges of Big Data have flourished in the past decade. How does the BIGFOOT project fit into these developments?
Claire BURY
On Saturday the 11th February we celebrate the International Day of Women in Science, so this is a perfect time to give you an update on what the European Commission is doing for women in tech.
500 people met to discuss how to make European industry digital and fit for future. The event stressed the need for EU-level cooperation and the importance of digital know-how and skills for the jobs...
Claire BURY
On 1 December 2016, we launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition as one of the ten initiatives in the New Skills Agenda. The Coalition brings together Member States, companies, social partners,...
Assessing the digital readiness of a company is often the first step to kick-start a digital transformation strategy. An initiative of the Association Industry 4.0 Austria supports businesses in this...
Gintaras RIMSA
Industry 4.0 is a key driver for major innovations in production and services. It affects industrial manufacturing as well as customer relations and vocational training.
Encarna Guillen, Health Minister of the Spanish Region of Murcia, shares her views on the Blueprint on Digital Transformation for Health and Care.
SkAT-VG project has been doing research around the ideation, sketching, and design of sounds, with a focus on voice and gesture. A Sound Design Rendezvous marked the conclusion of the project, in...
Industrie 4.0 has been established as a collaborative effort and is now also very active beyond German borders, especially at the European level and in collaboration with international initiatives.
A great recognition for the first jointly funded Europe-Japan collaborative project on emerging important topics such as IoT, Cloud Computing and Smart Cities